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 Please read =)

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PostSubject: Please read =)   Tue 16 Feb 2010 - 22:16

Hello Little Expat' Family :)

Here is just a little anouncement to remind you of the kind of "rules" that should be respected in here .

1. Please introduce yourself. It helps you to integrate into the forum and us to get to know each other better. If you register to a forum it's to participate right? And saying hello is the first step to communication. It's like showing up at a party and nobody knows who the hell you are. Rude isn't it? wink

2. As you may all know, this is an international forum, so as unfair as it may seem we must all write in English for reasons you might all understand :)If you feel the urge to speak in your own language, don't forget you can use the private messaging for that ^^
But we would like to remind you how important it is for everyone to understand each other. That's why everyone should make their best to write in understandable English.

3. It would also be important to not discuss private stuffs in the forum, , espacially not in Expatriate related posts... Well don't worry it's ok if you do it in the off topics, as long as it's not getting TOO FAR.

4. As we agreed with the staff, we don't want to impose particular rules over this forum, because it is our little place of freedom concerning this band that we all love. But it goes without saying that everyone must keep a good tone, respect each other, don't start fights and if you have troubles with some users please contact them via private message, or contact one of us. Off course we do not stand for pornographic, radical right-wing and discriminatory contents.

5. This forum roles with the fact that if someone does something we think harm the forum or users, we'll warn him once via PM, hopping this will be enough. If the same person does it again, we'll warn him or her twice, but there won't be any third warning because the third time this user will be banned from the forum.

6. Administrator(s) and moderators have the right to edit, delete or move all posts they think are inappropriate or against the rules.

So this is not to pressure you or anything, but just to make things clearer :) but i'm sure this was already really clear without saying it ^^
have a good stay in our forum,
and spread the Expatriate Love flower

Break something old to build something new.

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Please read =)
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