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 Unlock "Random Stuff" Area with 5 postings!

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PostSubject: Unlock "Random Stuff" Area with 5 postings!   Fri 11 Nov 2011 - 17:45

Hey there everyone,

i made a little change to the Forum.

The "Random Stuff" section is still readable for everyone. But only users with at least 5 posts can take part in conversations there, post answers, create topics.

Reason for this is, many people registering to the Forum only to take part in Competitions or talk about their favourite movie. Which i think is not the main reason to register. Now first things you'll have to do, "prove" you are really interested in joining the Forum, by introducing yourself and/or react to band related topics.

As soon as you made 5 postings, the "Random Stuff" area is unlocked.

Now, welcome everyone! And enjoy your stay ^^

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Unlock "Random Stuff" Area with 5 postings!
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