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 The Next Heat Voyage

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PostSubject: The Next Heat Voyage   Fri 4 Nov 2011 - 11:08

Hi everyone :)

it's been a long time and while waiting for the BIG ANNOUNCEMENT on Monday, i'm glad to find a little something to tell you about, even if those of you following Dave twitter will already know (so i'm sure you all already know).
It's a side project lead by Dave Molland, and the band is called 'The Next Heat Voyage'
You can like them on facebook here and there you can see their first video clip for the song 'Creatures of the Night'.

I must say, my first impression was not good, not good at all, but then i think it's kind of a good beginning-of-party song, rythm is good, Dave's voice sounds great as well (makes me think of Ben's way of singing... is it just me or ... ?) AND the best thing i think is the video itself : I just LOOOOVE it ! Images are beautiful, well filmed, well thought and well done !!

Go and see/listen to that and tell us what you think :)

take care


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PostSubject: Re: The Next Heat Voyage   Fri 4 Nov 2011 - 17:25

i dont dislike it at all. very surprised about which talent hid behind expatriate's bass. like it a lot.

song also def. has expatriate flow =) even if dave probably wouldnt like to hear that. its a great thing tho. u can tell its not expatriate, but you do feel its connected in a tiny way.

looking forward to more of him.

everybody go go get a listen =)

thx julie.

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Killer Kat
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PostSubject: Re: The Next Heat Voyage   Tue 8 Nov 2011 - 10:58

It's true, it does have an Expatriate vibe to it. It's barely there, but you can feel it. It's the same with all Expatriate songs have a slight influence of Depeche Mode and still always will be completely different. You simply can hear the influences.
Oh and I do like Creatures of the Night as well. I hope with Expat releasing new stuff and even touring, Dave (and the others) will be able to still do their own stuff as well. Must be very difficult to get both done and satisfy everyone.
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PostSubject: Re: The Next Heat Voyage   

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The Next Heat Voyage
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