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PostSubject: GET YOUR FORUM SHIRT - UPDATE!!   Wed 21 Jul 2010 - 16:48

first of all, ...
thanks to all of you, who helped finding the right logo, the right colors and everything. for your honesty, your criticism and compliments. some may think it was easy, but it's really been a hard, and long work, getting to the design that just felt perfect, but still lots of fun. and i'm happy we got it now!


THE CONDITION to get a shirt

you must have at least 50 posts to order your shirt logo.
i think it's fair.
the shirts are supposed to be something special, and it wouldnt be very special anymore if everyone could get one.
see it as a kind of "forum medal" .. or a "special status", for your loyality and your activity.

as soon as you have reached 50 posts, send me a PM and i'll send you a link to EXPATRIATE's FORUM MERCH SHOP, where you can immediatly order your shirt.
it's done already, you only have to choose the amount and your size.

NOTE: the normal shirt prize is 18,90 euros. i added 60 cents on the purchase price, so the total price of the shirt is 19,50 euro! the 60 cents go to my account and will be used for the forum only! it's a tiny but very helpful support to me, to make this forum more exciting and interesting for you. means, the money will be used for forum upgrades, specials, ... but especially for INTERACTIVE actions, like GAMES, COMPETITIONS and QUIZZES. where members WIN things. so it's no longer me who has all the costs, but everyone helps a little.

always feel free to write me, songbird, or [emotional retard], if there's something you don't understand or need help with.
and of course you can still keep on posting about the shirts, in its origin thread.

have fun!
and maybe see one of you on a EXPATRIATE gig soon! wink

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