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 Happy Easter Game!

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Happy Easter Game! Empty
PostSubject: Happy Easter Game!   Happy Easter Game! EmptyFri 2 Apr 2010 - 22:57

hello my dears,

easter is just around the corner.
and no matter if you are religious or not, ... searching eastereggs, is always fun, isn't it?

i will hide some eggs, into the forum, on SUNDAY morning.
they can be everywhere.
profiles. layout. threads.


1. search eggs, count them, and if you think you got them all, make a post into this thread with the amount you found.

2. once you made a post with your number, you can't edit your post! edited post won't be considered and are worthless. so...

3. ... be sure of the number you post.

4. game ends on TUESDAY evening.

5. after the game ended, i will tell you how many eggs i hid.

6. the person that said the right number, or is the closest to it WINS.

7. if two or more persons tell the same number, the person wins that posted it FIRST.

the prize you can win, won't be told until the end.
just one tiny hint: it's a mix of expatriate & easter.

so far, so good.
keep your eyes peeled!

wishing all of you happy easter holidays! :easter2

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Happy Easter Game!
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