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 Please read before posting =)

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Please read before posting =) Empty
PostSubject: Please read before posting =)   Please read before posting =) EmptySat 27 Feb 2010 - 21:38

Hello Everyone =D

So here is a new little place in our forum.
You've all realized that there were several nationalities and cultures in this forum already, and there will probably be more in the future, and this is one of the greatest wealth of this virtual community. That's why we wanted to create this "Travel section" which will be interesting if you like travelling or learning new things about other countries or cultures, or both of course ^^

I've always thought that travelling, and especially discovering and aknowledging new cultures, different cultures, was the best way to fight racism.
That's why especially here no racism nor prejudices about other cultures will be tolerated , as it is already the case in the whole forum. So open minded spirits and respectful ones are expected here, but i already know you all are.

Concerning the practical aspect, pictures must always be posted with a spoiler. All pictures that are not, will be deleted.
There will be one thread per country, no repetition please. So don't forget to check before posting a new thread ^^
Of course you can also open threads about travel meanings, travel souvenirs ... anything you can think of when you see the words "travel" and "new culture".
But as i already said, just check before opening a new thread so you're not saying what was already said in another one. Otherwise we will lock / delete the thread.

If you have any questions, or suggestions about this category, do not hesitate to tell me :)

Hope you'll enjoy this new exchange and that it will make you wanna travel flower



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Please read before posting =)
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